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We are an agency that brings together business, innovation and people.

We implement online tools that help your business grow and generate profit.

We believe that technology will change our lives and we know that the essence of a strong brand in understanding a person at all stages of his journey.


About us

We are a young, ambitious team of web developers who are able to create any web solution for your business. In our time, it is impossible to imagine life without the Internet.

All we need is any information, the acquisition of any thing, the presentation of a company, a product or just our own private business ⎼ all this is implemented within the web site.

This may be an information portal, a business card site, a site directory, an online store and others. All these resources are the work of web developers.

Our services

Web design

Development of design of site page layouts according to agreed prototypes taking into account aesthetic wishes of a customer.


Website development, module implementation, layout on the layout, integration with external systems, website testing

Digital Marketing

Full cycle work (SEO + SMM + contextual advertising + targeting)

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WordPress Development


Python Django development



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Are dark themes as useful as they are talked about?

From the point of view of readability, the answer is again simple – black text on a white background looks best. It all comes down to the properties of color, light and iris. White color essentially reflects waves of any length in the entire color range. This means that our iris does not need to […]

Which ship will we fly to Mars?

SpaceX, a private aerospace company, is working hard on a very ambitious project: its final goal is to be populated by Mars people. To do this, employees are developing a reusable launch system called Starship. This is a complex of a 67-meter launch vehicle and a 54-meter spacecraft that will refuel in low-Earth orbit to […]

Why Instagram massively blocks accounts and how bloggers do not fall under the distribution

Accounts that have worked for three to four years have suffered, and for all this time have not received a single warning from Instagram. Everything that happens is similar to the night carpet bombing: quickly, clearly, unexpectedly, without explaining the reasons. Although no, the reason for the blocking was still called, and it deserves special […]

Web Design 3.0: when it really matters

Part 1: web design is changing The first thing we’ll talk about is web design, which is rapidly changing. To understand this, you need to reconsider the evolution: from the first sites to today’s fashion. We will try to predict which web design will be popular in the near future. First sites The first sites […]

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