Good and bad ads

Good and bad ads

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One of the most serious mistakes marketers – is the confidence that people are not indifferent to what you want to offer them.

The most effective way to awaken the desire in people is to help them imagine what their life will look like after they accept your offer.
Advertising is just one of the factors that influence the desire to buy. Many products sell well despite poor, mediocre advertising.

Its for people
Good advertising should always leave the feeling that this product was made by people, not by corporations.

Here is an example. If the advertising message is too direct and assertive or seems too “massive”, the recipient in 99% of the cases simply throws it out without much thought.

There is a scheme by which strategists act. Any project must begin by clarifying the following points:
· Who is the person you want to sell your product to?
· Who is your main competitor? What is he doing wrong?
· What happens in your category? What opportunities does this give you?
·Who you are? What is the emotional connection between your brand and the person from the first paragraph?
Having learned and discussed all this, the strategist can set the task.
The task can not be blurred or banal, it should be clear and bold.