What programming languages ​​are better to learn in 2019

What programming languages ​​are better to learn in 2019

If we lived in an ideal world, the choice of a programming language would not affect anything. Most popular languages ​​are used for similar tasks. With an inexperienced eye, it is difficult to distinguish one programming language from another: the basic concepts are in many ways similar. From the point of view of the developer, a programming language is a tool, and the right choice of this tool will affect career, level of earnings and happiness.

1) Javascript

According to a Stack Overflow study conducted in 2018, 71.5% of developers consider JavaScript to be the most popular programming language. This is more than in 2015: then 54.4% of developers adhered to this opinion.

Now JavaScript is used everywhere. JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, and Vue) are used on the client side to develop browser-based web applications. Outside of the browser using Node.js lets you write server applications in the same language in which you write client code. With Node, you can create web services, manage the Internet of Things (IoT) and experiment with machine learning. An important advantage of JavaScript over other languages ​​is broad support in the software industry by IT corporations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon. The second plus is that it is very easy to find JavaScript training materials: there are many paid and free courses, websites, books, videos, and themed blogs.

2) Python

According to a Stack Overflow survey, Python is popular with 37.9% of developers. Python is interesting because in the past five years it has gained popularity much faster than other languages. Python has become so famous that The Economist wrote about it, never distinguished by its interest in software development.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Python is that its code design rules are simpler than in other languages: for example, there is no need to put a semicolon at the end of an operator. Therefore, Python is increasingly being studied in schools, not only in universities, but also in secondary and elementary schools. Python is used in an academic environment. It is the most popular general purpose language, it is used for machine learning and data science. Python is so actively used in these areas that the merging of Python and R, the language of data science, has recently been proposed.

3) Java

In third place – Java. According to a 2018 Stack Overflow survey, it is preferred by 45.5% of developers.

One of the advantages of Java is the JVM virtual machine. JVM allows you to run any language on any hardware platform or device. Java has also been developed to solve problems related to data types and memory management – this language has simplified the lives of developers. Java simplifies the development and deployment of applications on different operating systems: therefore, large companies use Java more often. This is the language through which you can get into the staff of a large company. Java native applications for Android are written. Android’s market share is bigger than its competitors combined: this is why developers are learning Java.

4) C #

According to the Stack Overflow 2018 survey, 35.5% of developers are Microsoft C # fans. Not only Python and Java overtook C #: despite the dislike of many developers for Microsoft, 40.4% of developers use the Bash script language.

Java is still better than C #, but things will change in the future. Java is slowly introducing new features, while Microsoft is aggressively developing and adding new features in C #. Thus, the company seeks to stop being dependent on Windows. For the same reason, Microsoft bought Xamarin and its cross-platform development environment, released the multi-platform .NET core and continues to invest in Azure.

5) C and C ++

C and C ++ are separate languages ​​with different programming models. Nevertheless, they are so closely related that in this list I combined them into one.

The C language is no longer used to develop applications, user interfaces, mobile applications, and machine learning — it has been replaced by other languages ​​listed above. Despite this, C is still used in embedded and operating systems. A case in point is Linux, the most popular operating system of all time, which is used in major mainframes and all Android devices. The key part of Linux is the Linux kernel, which is written in C. Moreover, other programming languages ​​are written in C, for example, Python.

C ++ is a more modern, object-oriented version of C. In C ++, applications are written for which performance is important. For example, many companies in the financial sector use C ++ in their internal systems.