Why Instagram massively blocks accounts and how bloggers do not fall under the distribution

Why Instagram massively blocks accounts and how bloggers do not fall under the distribution

Accounts that have worked for three to four years have suffered, and for all this time have not received a single warning from Instagram.

Everything that happens is similar to the night carpet bombing: quickly, clearly, unexpectedly, without explaining the reasons. Although no, the reason for the blocking was still called, and it deserves special attention.

How to block accounts

The meaning is: “Dear, we deleted your post on the complaint of the copyright holder.” The letter contains the corporate mail of the copyright holder – on screenshots, these are Ozon, Mamsy and L’Oreal brands.

A blogger who has been fruitfully cooperating with a brand for several years is reasonably trying to find out what is happening:

And it turns out that the brand has nothing to do with it. He did not write a complaint, he loves a blogger and cooperates with him with pleasure.

After some time, Instagram cleans the profile of a blogger: removes dozens and hundreds of posts, and then – every single thing. The account you have been working on for years is simply blocked.

What do blocked accounts have in common?

The first to distribute were the most commercially successful accounts – discount. Such accounts tell subscribers about the best deals on the Internet and offline. They are signed by hundreds of thousands of people who follow the best deals and want to save.

Accounts combines a large number of mentions of logos and marks of official brand accounts.

Brands adore such accounts. No brand, working with a blogger, will complain about such an account.

Having sent several requests, we asked to indicate the reason for blocking the account.

The essence of all such answers: “Bloggers break the rules and use the company logo without permission. If you want to withdraw your complaint, withdraw. “

We did not complain, but asked to withdraw the complaint. There is no answer yet. The battle to restore content and accounts has been going on for the second week.

Who does it and why
There are two main versions of what is happening:

Instagram tightens the screws, planning to transplant all the function “branded content.”
Some intruders assert themselves or carry out an order using social network vulnerabilities.
The nature of the complaints suggests that it may be people from the market, not Instagram itself.

What do bloggers do
Here are some tips for bloggers:

temporarily not mark brand accounts in their posts;
make publications as native as possible;
do not use the logo of the advertised brand;
check regularly whether the “branded content” feature is available;
parallel to develop accounts in other social networks and instant messengers.